Heart not so heavy as mine | Affiliated Manuscripts


ca. 1859, summer

Original MS lost or destroyed | Catherine Scott Turner Anthon transcription

Poem sent to Catherine Scott Turner Anthon.

Original manuscript lost or destroyed

Whistling under my window –


Heart not so heavy as mine
Wending late home
As it passed my window
Whistled itself a tune –


A careless snatch – a ballad
A ditty of the street.
Yet to my irritated ear

An Anodyne so sweet
It was as if a Bobolink
Sauntering this way
Carolled, & paused, & carolled
Then bubbled slow away.
It was as if a chirping brook
Upon the dusty way,
Set bleeding feet to minuets
Without the knowing why.
Tomorrow night will come again
Perhaps weary, and sore –
Ah Bugle! by my window
I pray you pass once more –


Catherine Scott Turner Anthon (b. 1831–d. 1917)

Friend and schoolmate of Susan Gilbert Dickinson.

Inclusive dates of correspondence: 1859-1866; 1877? Letters, 5; poems, 4 sent & 2 unsent.

Address: Elk and River Streets, Cooperstown, New York

Distance Travelled: 125 miles