Occurrence in Amherst & Connecticut Valley, Mass.

Common winter resident

October - April


Common winter resident, and still more common transient

September - May


Common winter resident

November - April

Arctic willow and birch thicketd; fields, weedy woodland edges, and roadside thickets in winter.
Nest Materials
moss, grasses, shreds of bark and twigs, feathers
19th-20th Century Field Notes
TREE SPARROW . Crown , chestnut ; above , boldly streaked with black , bay and flaxen ; beneath , plain ash ; two white bars on wing . Length , 6 inches Common winter resident . Arrives last of October ; departs in April . Feeds on seeds . Not injurious . Note , a bright chirp .

—H.L. Clark, 1887

21st Century Conservation Notes

Abundant and widespread. Most nesting areas are remote from human disturbance. Wintering numbers in some areas are thought to have declined, but no evidence of decrease in total population.*