Occurrence in Amherst & Connecticut Valley, Mass.

Rather uncommon migrant; seen in April and again in October




No data available


Present at practically all times of the year; migrants appear in early April and from late September through October

April - October

Open fields, meadows, salt marshes, prairies, dunes, shores.
Nest Materials
coarse and fine grasses
19th-20th Century Field Notes
SAVANNAH SPARROW . Brownish - gray ; beneath , white ; everywhere thickly streaked ; edge of wing , yellow . Length , about 5 1 - 2 inches . Rather uncommon migrant . Earliest arrival , April 15th ; seen again in October . Feeds on seeds , etc . Not injurious . Song , a peculiar series of notes , something like a frog . Something of a ven triloquist and quite shy .

—H.L. Clark, 1887

21st Century Conservation Notes

Some coastal marsh races have small populations and may be vulnerable to loss of habitat. Species as a whole is abundant and widespread.*