Occurrence in Amherst & Connecticut Valley, Mass.

Very common summer resident

April - November


Common summer resident in the lowlands, but rare and local in the eastern hill-country, and as yet unknown in the western

April - October


May - October

Open, grassy, and weedy meadows, pastures, and plains
Nest Materials
A domed nest of overhanging grasses and sedges, woven into the adjoining vegetation and lined with fine grasses and occasionally hair
19th-20th Century Field Notes
BAY - WINGED BUNTING . GRASS FINCH . Above , ashy - brown ; beneath , white ; streaked above and below with dusky - brown ; bend of wing , bright bay . Length , about 6 inches . Abundant summer resident . Earliest arrival , April 2nd ; departs in November . Raises 3 broods . Eggs 4 - 5 , grayish - white , spotted and streaked with brown . Nest of fine grass on the ground . Eggs laid from April to July . Feeds on seeds . Not injurious . A weak singer .

—H.L. Clark, 1887

21st Century Conservation Notes

Still common in some areas but has declined significantly in others. Florida race is seriously endangered, with very limited range.*