Occurrence in Amherst & Connecticut Valley, Mass.

Rare, but probably regular, migrant in May and September and October


September - October


Transient (casually summering?), uncommon in spring, common (at least locally) in autumn

April - September


Shy migrant, uncommon from mid- to late May but fairly common from mid-September to mid-October


Brushy bogs, or willow or alder thickets, winters in woodland thickets and brushy pastures. (National Audubon Society)
Nest Materials
A ground nest woven out of willow bark and dried sedges and grasses and lined with soft plant material. (Clark 1906, allaboutbirds.org)
19th-20th Century Field Notes
LINCOLN ' S FINCH . Above , black , brown and gray ; beneath , white ; sides , band across breast and crissum , buff , streaked . Length , 6 inches . One instance . Amherst , May 10 , 1886 . H . L . Clark . Male .

—H.L. Clark, 1887

21st Century Conservation Notes