Victory comes late, | Affiliated Manuscripts

Y BRBL-Hooker (Fr195A)

ca. 1862, January

Ink | Fair copy

On stationery embossed PARIS

Poem-message sent to Sam Bowles.

Dear Mr Bowles.

Victory comes late,
And is held low to
freezing lips
Too rapt with frost
To mind it!
How sweet it would
have tasted!
Just a drop!
Was God so econom-
His table′s spread
too high
Except we dine on tiptoe!



Samuel Bowles (b. 1826–d. 1878)

Editor, Springfield Republican, married to Mary Schermerhorn Bowles.

Inclusive dates of correspondence: 1859-1877. Letters, 35; poems, 40.

Address: 182 Central Street, Springfield, Mass.

Distance Travelled: 26.9 miles