"Mama" never forgets her birds – | Affiliated Manuscripts


ca. 1860, April

Original MS lost or destroyed | Frances Norcross transcription

Poem sent to Frances and Louise Norcross.

Original manuscript lost or destroyed

9 (1869)


“Mama” never forgets her birds –

Though in another tree.
She looks down just as often
And just as tenderly,
As when her little mortal nest
With cunning care she wove –
If either of her “sparrows fall”,
She “notices” above.



Frances (b. 1847–d. 1896) and Louise (b. 1842–d. 1919) Norcross

First cousins to Dickinson.

Inclusive dates of correspondence: 1858-1886: Letters: 77; poems: 71.

Address: 86 Austin Street, Cambridgeport, Mass.

Distance Travelled: 72 miles